We appreciate everyone that comes out and watches the show.  Out of respect for the neighbors and to ensure that everyone can enjoy the show we ask that everyone please follow these simple guidelines:


- The Ranch neighborhood streets do not have curbs.  Please make sure that you are not parked in the neighbors grass when watching the show.  

- When parking on the street to view the show please turn off your headlights so that they are not shining in other cars windows.

- Please do not turn around in the neighbors driveways when leaving. 

- Please stay out of the yard.


Feel free to take pictures and videos of our show.  You can even take a selfie with the show in the background!  Feel free to post your pictures and videos on your social media.  You can also post them to our Facebook page:  Owasso Lights.  You can stand on the street and take your pictures and vidoes.  We just ask that you please do not step in the yard.  We want you to have fun and enjoy the show!


It's unfortunate that I have to make this next statement but here it is.  Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.  I know the second that someone sets foot onto the yard.  I have cameras that will record anyone's face.  I will turn footage over to the Owasso Police Department and I will press charges.


Thanks to everyone for following these guidelines!

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