Owasso Lights is located at 9439 N. 62nd East Avenue, Sperry in The Ranch neighborhood.  GPS now will take you to our house.  The Ranch neighborhood is at the corner of 96th St. N. and Sheridan Road.


From Highway 169, exit 86th St N. and head west for three miles.  Turn right at the intersection of Sheridan and 86th St N.  Head north on Sheridan Road for three quarters of a mile.  Turn left into The Ranch neighborhood.  Follow the neighborhood street down to the curve.  You will then see our house on the right :). 


Also note that 96th St. North does not go through between Mingo and Sheridan.  You can get to our house by going down 86th St. N and turning right onto Sheridan Road, or going down 106th St. N. and turning left onto Sheridan Road.


From Highway 75, take the 96th St. N. turn to head east.  Go past the stop sign at 96th St. N and Harvard.  The Ranch neightborhood entrance is three quarters of a mile past the stop sign.  Turn right into the neighborhood and you will immediately see us.  We are only 1 mile from Highway 75!














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